We adhering to the "controlled release nutrients, accurate release" the idea, develops unceasingly, forge ahead, and always will give top priority to technology innovation, and has established close cooperative relationship with German high-tech companies, the world's most advanced controlled release fertilizer production technology introduced to China, and connecting with the domestic technology integration, crop and environment factors which have a leading market position is developed by controlled release fertilizer efficient package film coating technology, CRF - trar, and according to the different soil types, climate, crop fertilizer law and so on, introduced the "interpretation", "Sigar", and many other brands and more than 30 nutrient formula, To be suitable for most crops and horticultural crops grown in different areas.

With sales network all over the country, and even the whole world, and in agriculture rich service experience for years, but Rio tinto, actively promote the worldwide controlled release fertilizer technology, ideas and products, actively expand domestic and international markets, through high quality, differentiated services, is now in the country and Germany, the United States, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, more than 30 countries and regions, and in the local set up a good reputation and brand image.