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Product parameters

Sasha 16-8-22

Sasha Series

    General name: controlled release fertilizer 

    Release period:3 months 

    Packaging specification: 20kg/ bag

    Recommend a crop: garlic, ginger potato peanut yam apple, banana, etc

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Product overview

Product characteristics

1. CRF coating can more effectively control the release cycle of nutrients, accurate release, long-term aging, nutritional balance.

2. The high nitrogen and potassium type is beneficial to the development of seedling roots and the growth of seedlings. Increase disease resistance and premature senescence resistance, promote fruit expansion and nutrient accumulation.

3. Early crop needs less fertilizer and releases less. It is safe to use, eliminating the danger of burning roots and leaves, and avoiding soil salinization and slagging.

4. Avoid impacting the normal growth of crops due to untimely topdressing or failure to topdress in rainy season.

5. Reduce the number of fertilization, reduce labor costs, reduce pollution and protect the environment.

6. Adding seaweed extract to stimulate rooting. Medium and trace elements, balanced nutrition.

Usage method

1. Mixed application: Leave the product evenly on the soil surface, then mix it into 5-15 cm soil layer, and then turn over or transplant it.

2. Strip or hole application: Sprouted or transplanted tomatoes can be stretched or hole application of this product.

3. Short-term leafy vegetables need only one application of fertilizer without topdressing. Rhizomes and eggplants were applied before growth, and topdressing was needed during fruit expansion.

4. According to the vegetable species, yield and local soil conditions, it should be applied under the guidance of the local Ministry of Agriculture and Technology.

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