The magic effect of controlled-release fertilizer on grapes

Penglai for the low hills, terrain from southeast to northwest tilt. The average annual temperature is 11.9℃, and the average annual precipitation is 606.2 mm. It provides a favorable natural environment for grape growth. In recent years, the use of large chemical fertilizers is rampant and the utilization rate is low, which leads to the general condition of the local soil. Therefore, a high-tech fertilizer that can improve the utilization rate and be safe and residue free is in urgent need.

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The test results were followed up.


Test farmer: sisterWang

Experimental crop: Grapes

Test period: expansion period (June 22, 2019)

Farmer's problem: uneven fruit size and color

Use 2 packs of 16-18-12 per mu of ground fertilizer;

Apply 3 packs 13-13-20 or 15-10-20 per acre.

On August 29, 2019, we paid a return visit to the farmer again. At that time, the grapes were already in the ripe picking stage, and dajie wang was happy to give us feedback on the obvious effect of using controlled release grape fertilizer to increase production and income.


Use the feedback

1. Roots grow strong, almost in the "fat nest". Has certain recuperation effect to the soil, earthworm, white root.

2. The grapes are uniform and almost no grains. Without soft fruit, the fruit is nutritious. The coloring is basically synchronous, without Yin and Yang face.

3. After three months of use, there was water inside and nutrient filling in the fertilizer core. After pinching, a small amount of fertilizer nutrients could still be seen. 3 months of normal accurate controlled release. Controlled-release particles act as a reservoir of fertilizer in the soil, storing nutrients while retaining some water.

Grape controlled release fertilizer is safer to use, and the root system can recover quickly. It contains trace elements with high activity, which can make the leaves dark green, the roots strong, and the growth uniform.

What's so strange about wei shi? Why does it help increase grape yields and incomes?

Product features

1.CRF envelope: nutrient release cycle can be more effectively controlled. Biodegradable coating coating technology, release more stable, safer use;

2. Precise controlled release: provide continuous nutrient supply during the growth period of crops to prevent the valley peak nutrient release mode. The fertilizer period is long, which can meet the nutrient demand of crops in later period. Avoid affecting the normal growth of crops due to the late application of fertilizer or the failure to apply fertilizer in rainy season;

3. Safe application: less fertilizer is required and less release is required for crops in early stage, so it is safe to use, eliminating the risk of root and leaf burning, and avoiding soil salinization;

4. Environmental protection and efficiency: reduce the frequency of fertilization, reduce labor costs, reduce pollution and protect the environment;

5. Nutrient balance: seagar, a highly active substance extracted from seaweed in particular, can stimulate rooting and establish strong roots, effectively activate microbial activity around the rhizosphere and promote nutrient absorption. Add trace elements to ensure balanced nutrition, prevent physiological diseases and enhance quality.

Fertilization methods

Ditch application: open ditches 10-20cm away from the outermost drip irrigation zone (the ditches are 30cm-50cm deep), sprinkle fertilizer on the excavated soil and add back into the ditches.

Apply under the guidance of the local agricultural technology department according to the type of crops, yield and local soil conditions.



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