What is the true controlled release fertilizer? This company USES German technology to reiterate the value of controlled release fertilizer in China!

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——Interview with Liang Xiaowei, General Manager of Xi'an Virtor Ecological Agriculture Co., LTD.

In recent 10 years, with more and more attention paid to environmental legislation to control fertilizer use in various countries, the global fertilizer use has shown a negative trend, but the consumption of new slow-release and controlled-release fertilizers is increasing at a rate of more than 5% annually, among which the growth rate of coated controlled-release fertilizers is more than 10%. Countries all over the world are investing heavily in the development of new slow-release fertilizers to seize the commanding heights of new fertilizer research.

In China, despite the large number of enterprises entering the field of controlled release fertilizer, only a few enterprises can really produce products to ensure the effect of controlled release. And in a few outstanding enterprises, xi 'an weituo er agricultural science and technology co., LTD. (product controlled release for more than 3 months of long-term effect controlled release fertilizer enterprises) products attracted the attention of all parties in the industry. Why is the development prospect of controlled release fertilizer generally optimistic? How does vitol's controlled release fertilizer product help farmers solve their planting problems? What are the advantages of the company's core controlled release technology? Taking a series of questions, the reporter interviewed wei tuo er company general manager Liang xiaowei.


Crack the problem of compound fertilizer industry

As is known to all, the nutrient proportion of conventional compound fertilizers is relatively fixed, and the nutrient is relatively simple. It is difficult to meet the requirements of various soils and different crops, and the location and release rate of nutrients in traditional compound fertilizers are difficult to fully meet the special requirements for nutrients in specific periods of crops. If farmers do not use standard technology, it is easy to reduce the beneficial bacteria in the soil, soil consolidation, acidification, resulting in a decline in crop quality.

How to solve these problems of traditional compound fertilizer?


Focus on core controlled release technology

All countries in the world in general chemical fertilizer utilization rate is low, in use process prone to losses and problems such as environmental pollution, in succession to develop nutrient controlled release fertilizer, fertilizer requirement of nutrient release rhythm in conformity with the crop nutrient absorption, save work can either make a one-off fertilizer efficiency, and can greatly improve the fertilizer utilization ratio. Controlled-release fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer which meets the need of agricultural sustainable development.


In the interview, the reporter learned that Virtor combined with the international and domestic advanced technology of controlled release fertilizer manufacturing, has independent intellectual property rights and a number of national invention patents, the longest controlled release period of products can reach 18 months, but few companies around the world master this technology.

The core of controlled release fertilizer precise fertilization technology is based on the accumulation of crop matching release curve data. One of the core competitiveness and barriers of vitol is the data accumulation and analysis system formed in ten years based on core elements such as field crops and cash crop varieties, soil water quality composition and element release ratio.

"We can really produce precise controlled release fertilizers, which can save one third of the amount of fertilizer compared with traditional fertilizers by improving the utilization rate. Controlled release fertilizers are valid for 3 to 6 months, which can greatly save the cost of fertilizer application and labor cost of farmers in the later stage and apply fertilizer once." Xi'an Virtor Ecological Agriculture Co., LTD General manager liang xiaowei said.

Let the crops win at the starting line

In recent years, the domestic price of ginger fluctuates greatly, and some farmers decide to use high-end agricultural products whenever they see the price rise. Although this late stage will bring part of the increase in income, but due to malnutrition in the early stage, leading to ginger and other crops in the urgent need to absorb nutrients when they are unable to do so, often appear empty growth phenomenon, resulting in a decline in quality. Farmers who insist on using Vito's products correctly can always get a good price for their crop in a changing market.


Just a week ago, Rohan Boehm, an Australian technical consultant of Virtor, came to Changyi, a domestic large ginger planting base, and introduced in detail the application technology, fertilization method and amount of controlled release fertilizer of Virtor, the management of growing large ginger and the similarities and differences with conventional fertilizer. After the live explanation, large participants with their own questions actively ask questions, technical consultants are a detailed answer, the customer is very satisfied.

"In the future, Virtor will live up to people's expectations, move forward with honor, continue to provide farmers with more environmentally friendly controlled release fertilizer, further create more value for society and contribute to rural economic development." Company general manager Liang xiaowei says confidently.

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